Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a service and participating in a session the following terms and conditions apply:

A.   No guarantee is given or implied with regard to the effectiveness of the practice for any medical or personal condition.

B.  Any resources distributed or provided by email or on any website or any online service are provided at the discretion of Mindfully Alive. Resources distributed in the past may not be distributed in the future and similarly, new resources may be introduced at any time.

C.  You must declare any relevant conditions that you have prior to the commencement of any service including, in particular, any serious mental health condition, epilepsy, heart condition or asthma. You may be requested to inform or seek consent from your GP or other medical practitioner and, where this is relevant, you must agree to do so before commencing the use of the service.

D.  Services are provided in confidence and any information you disclose will not generally be disclosed to others. However, there may be times that a disclosure needs to be made to protect your health and welfare or the health and welfare of others or to comply with the law. Where this is necessary, we will discuss this with you.

E.  When participating in Hypnotherpay or a  Mindfulness plan or course, you agree to attend all of the sessions and to carry out the home practices as instructed. You acknowledge that you are a partner in the therapy or teaching, and that effort is required on your part to achieve desirable change. You can stop attending and withdraw from any service at any time for any reason.

F.  By participating, you are aware that the service may be audio recorded and that such recordings may be used for your teaching, assessment or training purposes. Your permission will always be sought before each recording.

G.  Services may be withdrawn at any time by Mindfully Alive and, where this is necessary, you will be given as much notice as possible. You will receive a proportionate refund for any of the services that have been withdrawn, minus any fees that we have incurred.

H.  Service delivery may be changed to a different format at any time by Mindfully Alive, for example from face-to-face to online format and, where this is necessary, you will be given as much notice as possible. Service formats have equivalent value and, as such, you have no automatic right to withdraw due to a change of format. If you do wish to withdraw, our normal withdrawal conditions as outlined below apply.

I.   Fees for attendance at Mindfulness Drop in sessions are payable at the time of booking. If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, please inform me and if possible it will be moved to an alternatative date (this can be done only once) or a refund may be granted if the session is not less than 48 hours.  

J.   Fees for Mindfulness Group courses, are payable in full at time of booking. If you are unable to attend a course for any reason or wish to withdraw, I request that you give me as much notice as possible, and at least 1 month, so that I can try to fill your place. I will do what I can to offer you a future course date, which may be in an alternative delivery format. I do not normally offer a refund if less than 1 month other than in exceptional personal circumstances. If you have attended part of a course and/or received the course manual, unfortunatley no refund will be possible. Where we agree a refund or part-refund we agree this will be paid within 4 weeks of the start date of the relevant course.

K.  Fees for Individual therapy and teaching , are payable in advance or during the initial consultation. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment for any reason, the following charges apply: No charge for postponing your appointment with 48 hours notice or in exceptional emergencies at the discretion of Mindfully Alive, otherwise a 50% charge for late cancellation and 100% charge for no show. No refunds are available for individual appointments, other than in exceptional personal circumstances and at the discretion of Mindfully Alive.

L.  Fees for Bespoke packages Education & Organisations, are payable in advance or as agreed in the bespoke contract.  Terms & conditions for these packages will be produced at the time of consultation with Mindfully Alive.